Smart Idea!

Keep your socks paired from the moment you take them off, to the time you put them away in your drawer!  Simply put into linen basket paired, wash, hang out and put away.

Smart design!

Easy to use.  Just clip on the socks and lock them together. Tight grip so that they never get lost in the washing machine again!!  Always have matching socks!!

Smart colours!

Choose from blue, green, orange, yellow, pink or white.  Colour code for each member of the family, to make sorting washing easy.  Saves time forever.

FREE DELIVERY within Australia!

Open the peg by squeezing. Place socks between the teeth.

Put them into the dryer. They are heat resistant!

Push the clip over to tighten the peg. Click into place.

...or hang out them out on the line using built-in hanging clip. UV-resistant.

Pop your socks in the linen basket ready for the wash.

When dry, put them straight into your drawer!

When you're ready, put pegged socks into the washing machine.

No more odd socks! All paired and ready to wear!

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