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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

I've been using Wizzpegs for numerous years now and they are really terrific.I never have to worry about losing a sock,they go from wash to line,even stand up to the heat of our clothes dryer.Best invention ever,my family keep their socks clipped and I have special containers for spare ones.Each one of us have our own specific colour so there's no mix up on who owns what,well done with this invention.
Posted By: Marti Megaw
I love these, The best invention for washing socks. I will be buying them for the whole family.
Posted By: Jillian
Devonport Tasmania
I have been using WizzPegs for many years, they are a perfect product . Thank you WizzPegs ????
Posted By: Jane McLeod
Best invention ever!
Posted By: Alicia
Teacher & Mother, Caulfield, VIC
Love WizzPegs: we never lose any socks.

They are the best. Especially when it comes to getting them off the line when it starts to rain . . . it is so quick!
Posted By: Patricia
Ringwood, VIC
Have been using WizzPegs for several years . . . never lose socks in the wash, makes hanging on line quick and easy.

We have color coded pegs for each family member . . . heartily recommend.
Posted By: Val
They are the best . . . my washing machine can't eat my socks any more . . .
Posted By: Wendy
Schofields, Sydney, NSW
All our socks are paired with WizzPegs.

Before during and after washing. So we don’t lose socks . . . EVER!
Posted By: Cherrill
Bonbeach, VIC
The most awesome product.

I wouldn’t go without them.
Posted By: Eric Elliott
Golf Professional
Love them.
Makes washing and hanging up socks so easy.
Posted By: Steph
Brisbane, QLD
This is one of the most useful products I have purchased for my home in recent times. I have since bought some for all of my family members and rave about them to the point I'm told I should be a sales rep for them.

They are so easy to use and do exactly what you want them to do, in the future I'd like to buy enough so I don't even need to fold my socks up, I love the idea of just clipping them together when they are taken off your feet, chucked into the laundry basket then into the washing machine and onto the line to dry with ease of a second clasp – then you could just pop them straight into a clothes draw without even un-pegging them . . . ready until their next wear.

I leave a stock of them clipped onto the side of my washing bag ready to go.

Just brilliant . . . very happy customer.
Posted By: Kara
Boronia, Victoria
WizzPegs are great!
Have been using them for a few years now and have just purchased more . . . a handy product.
Posted By: Sharon
We love these little guys and have been using them for many years. It's so easy to keep track of all the socks,
We love them so much!
Great product; I have even given them to friends and family.
Posted By: Brigitte
Hallett Cove, SA
We've been using WizzPegs for quite some years and no sock has gone missing since we started. I found them originally on a Czech e-shop and bought a starter pack to try them. We've been completely satisfied. Unfortunately, after several years of heavy use, some of our original WizzPegs have broken, so I was really glad to find your site. They have gone through hundreds of loads of washing – doing their duty.
I have no doubt that the new ones will be just as awesome!
Posted By: Olga Xaverová
Prague, Czech Republic
I have been using WizzPegs for many years now – and they really are sensational. I refer to them as the gift of time!

I often hear people commenting on their lost socks, or the chore of having to pair them – I chuckle . . . and then send them in the direction of WizzPegs.

They really are one product that has been life changing . . . such a small thing and a simple idea.

But they are amazing!
Posted By: darren
Adelaide, SA
I have been using these WizzPegs for my socks for about a year now and truly find them amazing! . . . As it literally is impossible to find anything remotely close to this. I don't see why this isn't as common as a normal clothing peg!
Posted By: Grant
New Zealand
I love WizzPegs. We have been using them for about 7 years! The kids' socks do not go into the wash unless they are pegged together, they wait patiently next to the basket until their "mate" is found. When I recently received the email about the friends & family packs, I shared it on Facebook, in less than 24hrs I had enough orders for 3 F&F packs – that's 1,800 socks that will no longer be lost!! And a whole heap of mums who are a lot less stressed at washing time!
Posted By: Jodie
South Australia
We have been using WizzPegs for years now, don't know what we would do without them!!!
Posted By: Victoria
A laundry necessity. Each family member has their own color, they peg them together and the sorting is done right from the start. Some weeks more than 50 pairs of socks are washed for our family of six and I can't tell you how much time this has saved us in both sorting and hanging. Our WizzPegs are going strong 6 years and hundreds of washes later. I only wish I'd thought of the idea!!!
Posted By: Alison
Castlecrag, Sydney, NSW
I have been using WizzPegs for a number of years. They are easy to use and cut down on my workload. Each member of the household is responsible for attaching a WizzPegs to their socks before they go into the wash. The socks go into the machine together, hung on the line together, sorted and back in the drawer together. We haven't had a sock go missing since using the product. The design is simple but effective. Love that you can hang them directly onto the clothesline. I tell all my friends who complain about their washing machine 'eating' their socks about WizzPegs and even give them a few to take home and try!
Posted By: Erica Linsley
Caringbah, Sydney, NSW

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Smart Idea!

Keep your socks paired from the moment you take them off, to the time you put them away in your drawer!  Simply put into linen basket paired, wash, hang out and put away.

Smart design!

Easy to use.  Just clip on the socks and lock them together. Tight grip so that they never get lost in the washing machine again!!  Always have matching socks!!

Smart colours!

Choose from blue, green, orange, yellow, pink or white.  Colour code for each member of the family, to make sorting washing easy.  Saves time forever.

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