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Clever and simple – this is one of those things that just works, saves time and makes life easier. They're durable too, we've only had a couple fail in over five years.
Posted By: Tom
Canberra, ACT
This WizzPeg has saved Deb and I so much time and effort in washing, drying and keeping socks together in their pairs, that you'd be crazy not to use them.
Posted By: Eric
Who would have thought that such a small plastic object, as the WizzPeg, could have such a big impact on my day-to-day life!

Sorting and matching socks on a regular basis drives you nuts! Use the WizzPegs and that all disappears. They also make hanging socks out to dry so much easier and quicker. Thank you WizzPegs.
Posted By: Elizabeth
Clifton Hill, VIC
The difference between these pegs and normal clothes pegs is that they can be used continually for over 10 years in the wash and not break!!
Amazing . . . very durable. I bought some pegs 10 years ago that are still the original ones going strong.
Since then I have bought more and more as my family has grown and for friends and family too, to help them. They are really great!
Posted By: Joanne
Croydon VIC
I bought these pegs some time ago and, they have become a necessity around our house. We are a family of 4, and I have assigned each of us a specifically coloured peg. The process is simple, each family member attaches the peg (in only their allocated colour) to the pair of socks. No peg? Then the socks stay in the washing basket. Once they are attached to the peg then they are washed, hung out to dry and then returned to the drawer. The great part is that we no longer have a drawer full of single socks and the younger family members don’t need to ask “whose socks are these?”. They know who the socks belong to so they can help in sorting the washing.
Posted By: Bob
Why use WizzPegs? The pegs are stored next to the dirty clothes basket (or wherever the dirty socks are put when they are removed). In a multi-person household there can be over a hundred individual socks washed in a week – the time taken sorting socks is not trivial (or this used to be the case, until the deployment of the sock-pegs). The time taken to apply a peg is insignificant. Certainly over time there is a diminution in the number of sock pegs . . . but the system is far more robust than I had originally anticipated and has worked well for many months now.
Posted By: Seb
I love Wizzpegs! These pegs are great and do just what they claim, keep socks together when your not wearing them.
The pegs are sturdy and stand up well to holding the socks together in the washing machine, dryer, on the line and in the drawer.
Ordering from this website was a simple process, delivery was prompt and they were well packed.
Highly recommend the website and the pegs!
Posted By: Brooke
Store Review
Stumbled on this products when I Googled sock clips, bought some and the best thing is that I have not lost one sock for the past 10 months, and saved lots of time folding and sorting socks or other small items in the laundry basket.
Posted By: Elias
I've been using "WizzPegs" for many years now. They are incredible! They cut your washing time down and you never lose your socks as they're always connected. The different coloured pegs are great too – I use pink, my husband has blue and my baby has green pegs for his little socks. Once you try these, you will never go back!
Posted By: Alicia
I don't know what I would do without them.
Posted By: Cherrill
My socks now have a buddy system so they don't get lost.
Posted By: Sharon
What a sensible design! It could be life changing for Mothers, who can get their children to grow up with this "system" for sock sorting . . . Great idea WizzPegs!
Posted By: Michelle
Noble Park VIC
WizzPegs are great for my husband and I.  They go straight into the washing machine paired, into the dryer and back into the drawer – ready to wear again.
Posted By: Alicia
Mitcham VIC
WizzPegs are great for our family.  We use blue for the boys and pink for the girls.  I love these WizzPegs!
Posted By: Robert
Lilydale VIC
Since I started using WizzPegs, I've cut my laundry time in half!
Posted By: Allison
Camberwell, VIC
To all at WizzPegs.  Congratulations on such a fine (but tiny) product.  I bought my WizzPegs in 2005 and have been converted ever since.  In 2005 I had 6 children and myself and my husband – yep, that's 16 feet in our house!  After spending a whole evening of pairing a whole large garbage bag full of "Odd Socks" I was just about over my sock situations and decided to give WizzPegs a go (mind you, I have tried the competitors but WizzPegs really – SOCKS IT TO 'EM!!).
"Now I flatly reject and refuse to wash any type of sock that is not on a WizzPeg!!  At the end of the week when my son wants to know where his socks are, I just say "you know the score"!  We line 'em up on the top of the wire laundry hamper, they chose their color . . . and without looking at the sock we know who's it is – I hang my kids clothes out on a line or 2 each so that they can bring in and fold their own washing. When they take their socks off I make them return them to the basket for use on the next wash . . . So SIMPLE I am a die hard WizzPeg Convert for life. Thank you again WizzPegs.
Posted By: Denise

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Smart Idea!

Keep your socks paired from the moment you take them off, to the time you put them away in your drawer!  Simply put into linen basket paired, wash, hang out and put away.

Smart design!

Easy to use.  Just clip on the socks and lock them together. Tight grip so that they never get lost in the washing machine again!!  Always have matching socks!!

Smart colours!

Choose from blue, green, orange, yellow, pink or white.  Colour code for each member of the family, to make sorting washing easy.  Saves time forever.

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